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Monkey Mumbo Jumbo Review

Monkey Mumbo Jumbo Cover

Monkey Mumbo Jumbo. (ISBN: 978-0-9692300-5-2) (CD). approx. 46 min. Max Tell Publications, White Rock, British Columbia, 2009. $14.95, tel 604-538-9466. PreS-Gr 2

"Tell (aka Robert Stelmach) and Chris Kelly present 13 original songs and an original story. Most of these silly songs are in folk or bluegrass musical style. A children's chorus joins in on several of them. Tell (whose voice is similar to Pete Seeger's) and Kelly provide excellent vocals and instrumental performances. "Barnabus the Fishie" wishes to be a boy. "The Merry-Go-Round Dog" can't bark, but he can make other animal sounds. "When I Grow Up" is about career choices. Other songs include "Monster Under My Bed," "Mud Puddle Pudding," "I Want to Be a Sheriff," "Monkey Mumbo Jumbo" and more. Tell does a fabulous job telling his story of "Rodney Scribble," the only person in town who writes legibly, causing a great ruckus at school, especially with his teacher, Miss Scratchit, and the principal, Mr. Waterproof Ink. This humorous album will be a great addition for children's music collections."

- School Library Journal, New York, NY, June issue, 2010.

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