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Distinguished Author & Artist Award, 2014

First Place Award, Great American Song Contest, 2014

Second Place Winner for Poetry

Many Honorary Mentions

Max Tell / Schools / Workshops

Workshops for Students and Teachers

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“Max Tell's performance and writing workshops were impressive!”

- Eleanor Buck, Teacher-Librarian, Windebank Elementary, Mission, BC.


Storytelling & Communication Skills

Creative Writing

Poetry Studies

Song Writing


Self Improvement

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All workshops can be adjusted to suit the special needs of your class. They are also created with the Key Concepts as outlined in the Prescribed Learning Outcomes of the Boards of Education for British Columbia and the Yukon.


Teachers Take the Stage: Energize the Learning Process through the use of Storytelling Technique. Teachers are on stage 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours per day. At times, they face fatigue, week voices, or lack of concentration.

This workshop focuses on performance techniques used by professionals to pump up energy, support the voice, and to help focus on the moment. These same techniques are essential for helping teachers to make their experience in the classroom, and that of their students, more alive, vibrant and educationally stimulating. 

Book Teachers Take the Stage

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Act the Story: The Power of Speech focuses on the performance techniques of storytelling, and how the Body Unit, the Breathing Unit, and the Vocal Unit work together to make communicative language come alive. Upper Primary to grade 12.

Book Act the Story

Making Stories Come Alive, Part 1: focuses on the broader aspects of storytelling: story choice, where to find stories, memorization v/s a more ad lib style, as well as performance techniques and other valuable storytelling tips. Upper Primary to grade 12.

Making Stories Come Alive, Part 2: Have an active, hands-on experience. Bring along a story you wish to tell, learn a few basic hands-on techniques, tell your story, and be coached by a professional. Upper Primary to grade 12.

Making Stories Come Alive, Part 3: The body is the key tool in the craft of storytelling. It is divided into three units: the BODY UNIT, the BREATHING UNIT, and the VOCAL UNIT. Participants are given the tools (exercises) to help make each story vibrant. Upper Primary to grade 12.

Book Making Stories Come Alive

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The Creative Writers’ Tool Kit: Good Writing Starts with the Senses, not only creative writing, but academic writing as well. Writing is an active process in which the writer, from start to finish, interacts with his or her own writing, so that the finished product is a clear and vivid expression of a well developed point of view. Also available as an Artist-In-Residence Program. Upper Primary to grade 12.

Book Creative Writers' Tool Kit

Fun with Fractured Fairytales: Write and perform your own Fractured Fairytale. What is a fairy tale? What is character? What is plot? What is setting? How do you put them all together, then jumble them up and write your own fractured fairytale? And how can you win an Oscar by performing your own fractured fairytale with pizzazz? That’s what this workshop is all about. Also available as an Artist-In-Residence Program. Upper Primary to grade 12.

Book Fun with fractured Fairytales

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Poetry through the Hoop of Fire: Discover the gut meaning of a poem, before the technique. Do people play a sport because they love the rules? No, they learn the rules, because they love the game. This is the best path for the learning of poetry as well: if a student loves a poem he or she will find it much easier to learn what makes it tick. Intermediates to grade 12.

Book Poetry Studies

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Crash Course in Song Writing: Have you ever written a song? Would you like to? Here’s your chance. Max Tell, singer and songwriter, will help you to find the tune, the rhythm, the rhyme, and the words to your own song. You’ll write it. You’ll sing it. You’ll wow your friends. Intermediates to grade 12.

Book Crash Course in Song Writing

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Socials through the Art of Storytelling: Facts are not enough, story is the key. Learn how to take bare facts, turn those facts into a compelling story, then tell your story, coached by a professional. Intermediates to grade 12.

Book Socials through the Art of Storytelling

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I Know I Can: By comparing any popular sport (the known) to any occupation (the unknown), this inspiring workshop empowers reluctant learners. It teaches them that by applying what they know to the unknown, they can discover the answers to many questions, answers that lead to change and to a far more productive and rewarding path. Intermediates to grade 12.

Book I know I Can

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* Reading from a work or works in progress

* Questions to the Author / Songwriter - any questions pertaining to the writing of stories or songs

* Questions to the Performer - any questions pertaining to performance

* Coaching - students share short excerpts from a story they have written or are planning to tell, with coaching from a professional

* Writers Block - Motivating students to write

* Craft v/s Crap - Fine writing v/s taking the easy way out

* The Writer's Notebook - a pathway to brilliance

* The editing process - Quick Sand v/s Question works

* Leadership in and out of the classroom

Audiences: Grades K-12; Classrooms; School Libraries; Public Libraries

Available Times: Weekdays 12:00-1:30

Recording of Skype Sessions are encouraged as long as a copy is supplied to the author.

No Charge Meet the Author Visit: 10-15 minute session

In-Depth Visit Length: 0ne hour

In-Depth Visit Cost: $200

Prerequisites: n/a

Contact Information: robert@maxtell.ca


* Vancouver Society of Storytellers

* Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada (SC/CC)

* Federation of BC Writers

* Writers' Union of Canada

* Canscaip

* Cwill


* Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1972

* in Creative writing with W. O. Mitchell, Banff School of Fine Arts, 1978

* Toefl Diploma to teach English as a second language, Vancouver College, 2002


All workshops can be adjusted to suit the special needs of your class.

To book Max, email him at robert@maxtell.ca


“Robert Stelmach (Max Tell) impressed me as a man of tremendous energy and imagination. His understanding of his audience was evident during the workshop session where he led the students through voice exercises and answered their questions about story writing and storytelling.”

- Derek Grant, Consultant, English, Board of School Trustees, Vancouver, BC.

“The positive feedback from students and teachers following your workshop certainly made your visit an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone.” 

- P. Munro, Vice Principal, W. E. Kinvik Elementary, Surrey, BC

“Guidance from a writer in the ‘real world’, has a very positive influence in the way our students value writing and reading. Your influence was very positive and went a long way in making our students feel successful as writers.” 

- R. McLean, Librarian, James Gilmore Elementary, Richmond, BC.



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