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Distinguished Author & Artist Award, 2014

First Place Award, Great American Song Contest, 2014

Second Place Winner for Poetry

Many Honorary Mentions

Max Tell: Lyrics & Stories

Welcome to Max Tell's lyric and story page. Here, you will find links to pages where you can read his stories, songs, and poems. 


The Heart Shaped Tree

Inspired by William Shakespear's beloved Romeo and Juliet, this touching and compelling story reveals how the friendship between two young people tears down the wall of bigotry that has separated two feuding families for generation. Ages 6 & 7.

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A Fist of Bees Cover Art

A Fist of Bees

This is the compelling story about coming of age, trying to save a hive of wild bees from The Rats, a gang of bullies, and forgiveness. Ages: 8-12.

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Little Johnny Small Cover Art

Little Johnny Small

and Other Stories

This appealing collection of short stories for early readers and listeners will take your child on four delightful adventures that they will never forget. Ages: 3-6. Also available in Spanish.

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Monkey Mumbo Jumbo Cover

Monkey Mumbo Jumbo

This playful combination of musical monkey business, wit and word play explores odd occupations, the wonders of wishing, creatures of the sea, and other stuff that kids love to laugh about and dance to. Ages: Pre 3-6.

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Dragon with a Flagon Cover Art

Dragon with a Flagon

Join the excitement as Max sings some of his fan's favourites like:  The Worm Song, Laughing Undies, and We are not Ladies We're Kids.  Ages: Pre 3-6.

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Poems, Stories and Chant-a-longs

The Land of Graws Cover Art

The Land of Graws

The title was inspired by the Wizard of OZ. The poems, stories and chant-a-longs were inspired by a love of children and their delight in play. Ages: 3-6.

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