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Distinguished Author & Artist Award, 2014

First Place Award, Great American Song Contest, 2014

Second Place Winner for Poetry

Many Honorary Mentions

Max Tell / Family Writes Contest

In 2010, Max had the pleasure of being one of three judges in the  Family Writes Contest, sponsored by the BC Council of Families.

The following is a copy of the press release written for the contest by Max:

I commend the BC Council of Families for sponsoring the 2010 Family Writes contest. In this year’s collection, you will find stories in three categories: heartwarming, inspirational and humorous. These stories were judged on originality, creativity and overall quality of writing. All of the stories submitted to this contest deserve recognition, but three stand out above all the rest.

As the results have as yet not been published, it is suggested that the three winning stories along with their author and category will be listed here.

Our family stories have more meaning to us than any others. They shape our values and our lives, whether we like it or not. They make us who we are. Even hidden stories have a way of wheedling their way to the surface. Confronting these stories can be our greatest act of healing.

I challenge readers to be inspired by the BC Council of Families 2010 Family Writes contest, its winners and all those who submitted. I also challenge you to write your own family stories, stories about your children, parents, siblings and yourselves. Family stories are gifts, family heirlooms to be shared from one generation to another, to be remembered, cherished and passed on to those we love.

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