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A Fist of Bees Review

A Fist of Bees Cover

A Fist of Bees

by Max Tell

A Fist of Bees (ISBN: 0-978-0-9692300-3-8) (CD), Max Tell Productions, White Rock, British Columbia, 1992-2009, each $14.95, tel 604-538-9466.

"A Fist of Bees is an adventure story that touches on the real life of junior-age children. It includes bee lore and handling tips but is really a classic story of bullies, with a plot revolving around the narrator's friendship with a hive of bees. It encompasses a range of emotions, including anger, shame and redemption. Children who have been plagued by bullies will recognize the tactics. They will also develop ideas about what might make a bully, and rejoice at the gesture of reconciliation in the last chapter.

Chapters are separated by guitar interludes, which make the CD ideal for listening to one section a day. This CD provides good entertainment during the listening time of just under an hour. It also demonstrates that choices have consequences."

- Bonnie Thomson teaches kindergarten for the Durham DSB (District School Board), Professionally Speaking, the Ontario College of Teachers, August, 2007

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