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First Place Award, Great American Song Contest, 2014

Second Place Winner for Poetry

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Dragon with a Flagon Review

Dragon with a Flagon Review

Dragon with a Flagon

Max Tell

  “A successful storyteller for many years now, (Max Tell) infuses his songs with poetry and anecdotes as well as carefully crafted melodies.” – Carolyn Cook, The Now Newspaper.

  “There’s magic in his latest CD.” - Alex Brown, The Peace Arch News.

A Dragon with a Flagon, (ISBN: 0-978-9692300-6-0) (CD). Approx. 36 in. Max Tell Productions, White Rock, British Columbia, 2004, each $14.95, tel 604-538-9466. PreS-Gr 3

"This third release from storyteller and performer, Robert Stelmach, also known as Max Tell, includes 14 tunes. They are all performed by Tell, and on many of the tracks, he is accompanied by a children’s choir. Tell has a peaceful, melodic voice and offers a variety of musical styles. A number of the pieces feature nonsense verse, while others are tender and thought provoking. Some of the nonsense verses include “Rum Pie Diddle Ie” and “Flocci-nauci-nihili-pili-ficators,” which tells the tale of a chicken that refuses to lay sunny-side-up and runny yolks. Other giggle-inducing songs include “Little Calvin Ocelot” who wore a suit that cost a lot, and “Laughing Undies.” A fun choice for family listening, and a solid addition to public library collections."

– Maren Ostergard, Bellevue Regional Library, King County Library System, WA., School Library Journal, January 2005

Sample track: Dragon with a Flagon.

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