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Distinguished Author & Artist Award, 2014

First Place Award, Great American Song Contest, 2014

Second Place Winner for Poetry

Many Honorary Mentions

Doug Banner / Storyteller / Composer / Musician

Doug Banner playing flute on the Wall of China.

As a professional storyteller, Doug Banner is recognized as a World Folklorist. 

His repertoire includes hundreds of stories from cultures around the world. Doug’s desire to bring the world cultures alive in his stories led him to a study of indigenous and culturally specific musical forms.

Doug has invented and built a number of instruments such as the story harp and the steel bowl tree. However he is primarily a percussionist. As a member of the World Percussion Society, he has studied with such greats as “Pepe” Danza, John Burgamo, Arthur Hull, and Glen Velez.

Doug has developed a unique style which he brings to the music of the Monkey Puzzle Orchestra on a number of instruments including Djembe, Doumbek, Cajon, Hoop Drums, Udu, and Darabuka to name a few.

He also builds and plays a variety of Native American style flutes and has recently added the haunting tones of Slovokian overtone flutes (such as the Fujara and Koncovka) to the Orchestra’s otherworldly sound.

Doug has travelled extensively in China and has brought back instruments from his travels that have found their way into the group’s repertoire.

Doug believes that music can become a transcendent experience of shamanic proportion. His primary interest lies in how the creative exploration of music lends itself to the optimal experience called “Flow”. 

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