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Distinguished Author & Artist Award, 2014

First Place Award, Great American Song Contest, 2014

Second Place Winner for Poetry

Many Honorary Mentions

Willie Fish Willie


Willie Fish Willie


© Robert ‘Max Tell’ Stelmach 2015


This is a selfie of me in my favourite fish bowl. 


My human’s painted my name on the side. 


This is the home of Willie Fish Willie.


I love-hug my humans, especially my little humans. They look kind of goggle-eyed through the side of my fish bowl, but they are the sweetest and dearest and kindest.


My humans say that I am like a puppy-dog because I always come to say hello and wag-ag my tail.


This is a selfie of one of my little humans at feeding time. Their big fingers look scary, but they are really very gentle. They feed me tiny blood worms. Blood worms are tummy-yummy.


Sometimes, I jump out of the water to kiss the tippie-tip of one of their fingers to say thank you.


I have lots of friends floating in Willie Fish Willie’s fish bowl. 


This is Red Fish. 


This is Blue Fish.


And this is my brand new New Fish.


My little humans give me a birthday present every year. My first birthday present was Octo Octopus. Octo likes to sit on the bottom.


Octo doesn’t talk much, “BlubBlub,” but he’s my best friend. 


The only thing I don’t like about birthday parties is that I don’t get to blow out the candles. My little humans do that for me. They do a fine job.


I get lots of birthday cards. My little humans colour them just for me.


The one thing I don’t like is fish bowl cleaning day. My humans take all my friends and my green seaweed tree out of Willie Fish Willie’s fish bowl. Then one of them chases me all through the water with a scoopie-up net.


I know that my humans have to clean my bowl, but it’s so hairy-scary. 


One day, one of Octo’s eight legs snapped off. My little humans glued the leg back on. I was so happy because I like to sleep beside Octo. We always snuggle-cuddle.


Another time, my little humans tried to teach me how to play soccer. They floated a little red, white, and blue ball in the water. They asked me to nose-push the ball. 


I tried to play, but my little human’s fingers were too fast. They scored all the goals.


That night, I practiced. I nose-pushed the ball this way and that all night long. Then I hid the ball between Red Fish and Blue Fish.


The next morning, my little humans were so happy. “Willie Fish Willie played with his ball,” they cried. “Willie Fish Willie is a champion!


My favourite time is when my little humans read me stories. I love-hug stories. Any kind of stories! But my favourites are adventures and poems. 


Octo hates stories. Most of the time, all he says is, “BlubBlub.” 


I have a wish. A great big wish! I hope, one day, Octo love-hugs stories . . . 


just . . . like . . . me.



The following song

was also inspired by

Willie George Bogoch Stelmach





Robert ‘Max Tell’ Stelmach


('u' as in 'Nutz' and 'Butz' is pronounced like 'oo' in 'foot'.)


Me, my wife, and our little fish, 

We live together in our fish dish. 

His name, is Willy, you may think it silly, 

When we call him, we call him like this: 


     Butz, Wutz, Nutzy, and Tutz, 

     Butzness and Wutzness, Nutzness and Futz. 

     He's Butzy Patoodle, Patoodlilly Noodle. 

     In short, we call him The Butz. 


Nutz The Butz loves all of his names. 

He never gets bored 'cause he loves playing games. 

He's a fan and a player of hockey, and soccer. 

He wrote all his names on the door of his locker. 


     Butz, Wutz, Nutzy, and Tutz, 

     Butzness and Wutzness, Nutzness and Futz. 

     He's Butzy Patoodle, Patoodlilly Noodle. 

     In short, we call him The Butz.  


His best friend is Ozzy, Octopus Oz. 

Ozzy's not playful, not playful because, 

I'm ashamed to admit it, but oh and alas, 

Octopus Ozzy is made out of glass. 


     Noodle Patoodle, our sweet little boy. 

     Noodle Patoodle fills us with joy. 

     He never makes troubles, he only gives cuddles, 

     Except when he's blowing a nest made of bubbles. 


Butzy The Nutzy is oh so busy. 

When he's not playing, he keeps us so dizzy. 

He swims 'round our fishbowl with happy refrains,  

Singing his song and repeating his names. 


     "Butz, Wutz, Nutzy, and Tutz, 

     Butzness and Wutzness, Nutzness and Futz. 

     He's Butzy Patoodle, Patoodlilly Noodle. 

     In short, we call him The Butz." 



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