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Distinguished Author & Artist Award, 2014

First Place Award, Great American Song Contest, 2014

Second Place Winner for Poetry

Many Honorary Mentions

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The Land of Graws


The Land of Graws includes poems that magnify childhood experiences. Little Calvin Ocelot “who wore a suit that cost a lot” has ongoing problems with mud. Mud Puddle Pudding deals with the same childhood delight, while Tummy Garage will be the favourite of every reluctant eater. The poems have strong rhythm and rhyme and some, like Dragon with a Flagon, have interesting but accessible vocabulary. These selections, beginning and ending with 17 seconds of Icicle, provide lovely modelling for young children who are just learning to read expressively.

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The Heart Shaped Tree

Inspired by William Shakespeare's classic, Romeo and Juliet, The Heart Shaped Tree tells the compelling and inspirational story of two young people whose friendship tears down the wall of bigotry that has plagued two feuding families for generations.

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The Land of Graws CD

This delightful collection include poems that magnify a child's experience, from the ghoulish to the gently funny, from reluctant eaters to battles with mud puddles, all the way to simple expressions of joy and play.

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A Fist of Bees / Audio CD

In this true to life adventure about bullying and survival, Max's writing and storytelling encompass a wide range of emotions, including anger, shame and reconciliation. Audio CD for children Grades 5-7.

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Dragon with a Flagon / Music CD for Kids

On this latest music for kids and families CD, Max Tell has a peaceful, melodic voice and offers a variety of musical styles.

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Little Johnny Small CD and Audio Book for Kids

Four stories to delight the heart and tease the imagination.

A collaborative effort by Max Tell and Silvana Goldemberg.

Stories for kids on CD and with an Audio Book.

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Monkey Mumbo Jumbo CD

Musical Monkey Business for the Whole Family

Hands will clap, toes will tap and everyone will be singing along.

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